Rogatskin Dmitry Vasilievich
Radiologist of the "ORTOS" dental association in Smolensk
Graduated from Smolensk State Medical University.

Leading lecturer on topics: radiodiagnosis, diagnostic radiology, maxillofacial radiodiagnosis. Lectures by D.V. Rogatskin are a great success among the professional audience in Russia and CIS countries. Areas of expertise: diagnostic radiology, maxillofacial radiodiagnosis.

Author and co-author of books: "The use of Diagnostic Radiology in dental practice", " The art of dental radiography", Computer science. Medical computer science. Book 2", "Intraoral Dental Radiology", "National Guide to Prosthetic Dentistry", "Practical Guide to Therapeutic Dentistry" and many articles on diagnostic radiology and computed tomography.
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