General terms
  1. This Policy defines how OOO "ARTMED", limited liability company under the laws of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the Company) processes and protects the information about individuals (hereinafter – the Users), which the Users can furnish to the Company by filling out the registration form on the website
  2. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure reasonable Users information protection, including the protection of their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.
  3. Relations between the parties related to the collection, storage, distribution and protection of the information provided by the User are governed by this Policy, other local normative acts of ООО "ARTMED" and the laws of the Russian Federation.
  4. Personal data allowed for processing under this Privacy Policy are provided by the User by filling out the registration form on the website: and include the following information: - surname, first name, patronymic of the User; - contact number of the User; - e-mail address; By filling out the registration form, the User agrees with the terms of this Policy.

Conditions of processing of personal information provided by the User

  1. Processing of the User personal data is carried out within the period necessary for the achievement of purposes specified in this Policy, in a lawful manner, including the application of information systems with automation facilities or without such tools.
  2. The Company takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, deletion, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of any third person.
  3. Personal data of the User may be transferred to the competent public authorities of the Russian Federation only on the grounds and in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Russian Federation.
  4. Filling out the registration form confirms that:
    • The User specifies accurate personal information and provides additional information at User's discretion.
    • The User is aware of this Policy terms and conditions and agrees with it.

      The User is aware of this Policy terms and conditions and agrees with it. Familiarization with the terms and conditions of this Policy and putting a tick under the link to this Policy is a written consent of the User to the collection, storage, processing of personal data provided by the User.
  5. The company does not verify the accuracy of the received (collected) information about the Users, except the cases when such verification is necessary in order to fulfill the Company's obligations.

Privacy Policy changes.
  1. Applicable laws OOO "ARTMED" has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. When making changes in the current version, the date of the last change is indicated. The new version of the Policy enacts upon its posting, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.
  2. This Policy and the relations between the User and the Company caused by the Privacy Policy application shall be subject to the law of the Russian Federation.
  3. Before turning to courts with a claim for disputes caused by the relations between the User and the Company, it is mandatory to comply with the claim procedure for dispute settlement.
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