Tsukor Tatyana Borisovna
Speech therapist - child psychologist
Graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University in 1995. Work experience more than 15 years. Teacher and speech therapist of the higher qualification category. Laureate of the competitions "Heart given to children -2008" and "Heart given to children 2010".

Main areas of work with children and teenagers: assistance in the formation of an independent, harmoniously developed, successful personality through speech; with adults: counseling on speech adaptation to different types of dentures, correction of speech disorders.

Fields of concern:
  • correction of dysgraphy
  • correction of dyslexia
  • correction of pronunciation
  • normalization of nasal breathing and swallowing
  • non-surgical correction of the lingual frenulum
  • articulation gymnastics
  • tongue massage
  • work with orthodontic trainers and bite plates

Cooperates with pediatric dentists and orthodontists, takes part in complex dental and orthodontic treatment. In complex treatment, the speech therapist solves issues of tongue-tie, corrects existing bad habits, normalizes breathing and swallowing, works with pronunciation in cases of dental anomalies, helps to conduct dental treatment without fear and stress, teaches and advises parents to conduct independent speech therapy sessions with their children at home.

She is engaged in a scientific activity, her list of works includes several articles devoted to the joint work of the dentist and speech therapist, a series of speeches or specialized conferences.
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